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Economic, social and environmental challenges of Europe offer new opportunities and fresh impetus to cross-border Hungarian – Croatian inter-institutional and economic relations with Croatia’s EU accession. Under the Lisbon Treaty, a new objective for the Union is to ensure cross-border cooperation between the areas and institutions, which is required to the governance of functional regions.

The EU regulation adopted in 2006 a new legal and governance instrument, European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation, EGTC – has been created.
The Association for nationalities and regional development alongside the river Mura (MNTT) is a regional governmental partnership established in 1993 for economic development of its member villages, and for the preservation of the Croatian national traditions. In the past, more than twenty years significant portion of the projects tendered by the Association was implemented cross-border and resulted a personal network of contacts, which serve as collateral for the future.

Based on this previous thoughts, “MURA REGION European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation” is created with the leading partnership of Muramenti Nemzetiségi Területfejlesztési Társulás. – Let’s plan together so that our future may connect us.

Tótszerdahely, 2014. 08. 09.

President of MNTT